Will my member account number(s) remain the same?
Yes, your account number(s) will remain the same.

Can I use my HOCU checks and will they clear?
Yes, you can write checks from your account and they will clear.

Will I need to replace my ATM, Credit, and/or Debit Card and Pin?
No, your cards and pin will remain the same.

What will happen to my recurring ACH payments that I have set up automatically to deduct from or deposit to my account (i.e. payroll, Social Security, utility bills, insurance premiums, etc)?
All of your automatically scheduled deposits and ACH payments will be processed as scheduled.

Will I notice any changes on my statement?
Yes, there will be an improved look and your account suffix will change starting 3/1.

Will I be able to view my previous statements in Online Banking?
Yes, you will be able to view December 2016, January 2017 and February 2017.

Will my online banking username and password remain the same?
Your username will remain the same, however you will receive a temporary password. After logging on, you will be prompted to select a new password.

 Can I obtain physical copies of my previous statements after February 28, 2017?
Yes, to request a copy of your statement, visit one of our branches or call us at (808) 777-5646.


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