Auto Shipment

Auto Shipment

Moving your vehicle to another state? These are the documents we will need to get you started when requesting to ship your vehicle.


  1. Letter requesting transport – (Include the location vehicle will be shipped to and Shipping Date)
  2. Employment: Job Transfer – Letter and Last 2 paystubs

New Employment – Verification of Employment to be completed by New Employer

  1. Change of Address Form
  2. Mileage of vehicle


  1. PCS Orders (Permanent Change Station)
  2. LES (Leave and Earning Statement)
  3. COA (Change of Address form)
  4. Mileage of vehicle

ETS out of the military, we will need:

  1. What type of New Employment Income?
  2. Location vehicle will be shipped to and Shipping Date
  3. Change of Address

**Requests will be provided by next business day, once we have received all necessary documents.