Zippy’s Visa Card Breach ALERT!

On April 27th Zippy’s Restaurants announced that they suffered a major security breach affecting both debit and credit cards at their restaurants, Napoleon’s Bakery, Kahala Sushi and Pearl City Sushi. Information that may have been compromised in the breach include the cardholder’s name, card number, the security code and the card’s expiration date.

HOCU has implemented the “chip-card” technology for both its debit and credit cards to lessen the potential for unauthorized access. And, as your credit union we have taken necessary steps to tighten our card security and will continue to monitor all transactions. We will also notify members who may be affected by this breach and take necessary measures to close your Visa card.

As an added layer of protection, we encourage all members to do the following;

• Review and monitor your account closely and frequently.
• Contact us immediately for any unauthorized transactions at 808.777.5646.
• Review your credit report annually.
• Use the remote control card feature to turn on and turn off your debit card.
• Never give out account numbers or personal financial information unless you can validate the authenticity of the requestor.

To view more information on this breach visit